Memorial Mass

Schedule for our Parish Memorial Mass


& Luncheon

At St. John’s we will be celebrating in a special way all those who have passed away this last year at our Parish Memorial Mass. This yearly event will occur on Sunday, November 17th a 9:30 a.m. Mass

At the end of the General Intercession (the petitions), Father Harris (or Deacon Bob) will read the names of the faithful departed while a rose is brought up in that person's memory and placed in a vase which will be set up in front of the altar.

All are invited to attend a luncheon that will occur after the Memorial Mass. The meal is meant for all who wish to attend, not just the families of loved ones that have passed away. There will be a short program that will be part of the lunch. You are invited to say a few words about your loved one. Our confirmation students are invited to help out with this event. In the vestibule of the church is a signup sheet for those who are planning on attending and a signup sheet if you would like to make a dessert, help set up, serve, or clean-up at the conclusion of this Memorial Mass.

Invitations will be sent to families that we know have lost loved ones. However, if you have a loved one that you would like to include in our celebration of life, please call, text or email Judi Anseeuw 309-235-3984 or